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Kristus Lag In Totesbanden

This song is by Martyrium and appears on the album Awakening The Ancient (2010).

And Hell was unleashed upon the Golgothian Hill
As the body of Christ lay silent and still
The prophecy of salvation believed to be conceived
Ignorant of the truth that He's been deceived

His being enters a new dimension
Lost and bewildered he fails ascension

Torn between this world and beyond
Deep into an abyss so black and profound
...To an eternity of suffering Christ you are doomed!

The grim smiles in lustful glee
As the savior is re-plunged onto the tree
His father has now truly forsaken him
Abandoned his son to the fallen seraphim
Like vultures they swoop upon their prey
Freshly laid without array

Vulnerable deity, now crawling the Earth
Torn and mangled in the scythe of death!

Behold the word of death's messenger
Kristus lag in totesbanden!
Forced into eternal slumber
Kristus lag in totesbanden!

To the throne of blasphemy he's lifted
Maimed and sodomized while being dissected
Praise the Leper King, we bow to thee
Vested in red robes, the lord of the free
Surrender to us, the scions of sin
Entwine in sodomy, bemused in oblivion

Little by little your body's consumed...

Trail of tears from the angels' weep
As the messiah struggles in troubled sleep

Sacrifice on the crucifixion
Kristus lag in totesbanden
Await no praise or benediction
Kristus lag in totesbanden!

Coiled and entangled around him tight
The serpent of the pit, victorious and almighty

Awaiting vainly for his father's touch of gold
Not knowing that secretly to the Devil he was sold
Used as puppet throughout his existence
For the lust and pleasure of his munificence

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