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Incantation Of The Gate

This song is by Martyrium and appears on the album Awakening The Ancient (2010).

Deep in forests beyond human hearing
My mind in astral, to the gods is yearning

The sigil inscribed, the offerings all set
In the odor of incense my mind beset

From a bloodline beyond Kingu's Race
The watcher invoked, his eyes now gaze
Risen forth to protect my path
Against the hordes of Shub Niggurath

I step before Fifth Gate of Mars
Remember thy servant for I ask thy force!

I raise my voice that thou mayst hear
In the name of Anu I call thee here!

To the Red Planet I call! Ia! Ia kanpa!
Nergal Mighty God of War! Ia! Zi annga kanpa!
Sacrificial blood god! Ia! Ia kanpa!
Nergal Mighty God of War! Ia! Zi annga kanpa!

Open thy gate! Manifest to me!
Show me thy power beyond infinity
By the name given to me
Open wide your sphere profound!

Under a crimson sky my rite heralded
When Mars in the Heavens is exalted
Hear me now spirit of entrance!
For I fear not any sword or lance
Behold the inscription on the iron seal
Behold the bloodsword! Under which I kneel
Fifth spirit of the celestial zone
Breach the gateway! Steel or stone!

Hence I pass to the Valleys of the Dead
Down in the underworld, in the forlorn land
Beyond the Celestial Zones, to face my fate
Beyond the portals of the Nergal Gate...

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