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Anpu Xent Neter Het

This song is by Martyrium and appears on the album Awakening The Ancient (2010).

Long gone epochs in a far away land
Delirium of blood and darkness I send
Fallen captivities to my domain
Your souls and minds I crave to drain
The eyes of the Nile watching attentive
As my spirit now roams free
Restless souls in nightmares fall
Tortured... inflicting anxiety

Waiting for the time to come
To strike unto their precious life
Thy spirit shalt enforce mine
Collector of mortality
Anubis - so they baptized me
The Hoary God of the Dead
Father and reaper of all gods
Isis and Seti in blood they wed

Locked in his sarcophagus
Horus trapped under my spell
By the powers of the mighty Hombos
Set me free... in twilight I'll dwell

Vain use of dispel-scrolls
No magick will obstruct my path
The undefiled soul of Nefertari
Will soon suffer under my wrath

As Orion aligns with Gemini
My evocation will be fulfilled
All the retinues of Sekhmet
Will be imploring at my feet
The sun darkens with my presence
As I rise up in the sky
Chariots of thunder marching
As they attack the collapsing Sphinx
Defenseless pathetic mortals
Plead mercy to their gods
Still not realizing my blackened presence
I rip them from limb to limb

The whore of war is summoned
Riding upon the beast
Orgasms over this carnage
On her body my seed shalt feast

Bringer of woe, sinner of birth
Source of destruction and pestilence
No god made me, no god can kill me
I'm the immortal, draining benevolence...

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