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Down Home

This song is by Marty Stuart and appears on the album This One's Gonna Hurt You (1992).

Written by Marty Stuart and Paul Kennerley

I got a pocket full of money, got the top rolled down
Yeah the hi-fi's pumping, tell ya where I'm bound
(Down home) they got some pretty little women
(Down home) make you glad you're alive
(Down home) they're just as sweet as honey
(Down home) from the honey bee hive

I'm gonna keep on a rollin', Till I see that sign
Just as quick as a pistol, I'll cross that county line
(Down home) there's a hound dog howlin'
(Down home) 'neath the front porch swing
(Down home) makes a poor boy feel
(Down home) like a hillbilly king

This old Coupe de Ville knows where to go
Just a mile or two down that old dirt road
There's a rusted truck and a shotgun shack
It ain't much but y'all come back

I got a sweet sugar momma, yeah the best I've seen
Well she ain't high tone boy, she's a dixie queen
(Down home) they got the catfish jumpin'
(Down home) 'neath the southern sun
(Down home) they'll be rockin' in the barn yard
(Down home) yeah we'll have some fun
(Down home) gonna pick a bale of cotton
(Down home) gonna cut some cane
(Down home) gonna feel the heat
(Down home) gonna smell the rain
(Down home) they got the go-go dancers
(Down home) in them honky tonk bars
(Down home) they got the jukebox a jumpin'
(Down home) they got liquor in the jar

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