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Black Sheep (1996)Edit

Martin Sexton - Black Sheep
Black Sheep
  1. Black Sheep
  2. Glory Bound
  3. Diner
  4. Freedom Of The Road
  5. Caught In The Rain
  6. Love Keep Us Together
  7. Over My Head
  8. Gypsy Woman
  9. Candy
  10. Can't Stop Thinking 'Bout You
  11. America The Beautiful

The American (1998)Edit

Martin Sexton - The American
The American
  1. Glory Bound
  2. The American
  3. Station Man
  4. My Maria
  5. Candy
  6. The Beast in Me
  7. Where It Begins
  8. Young and Beautiful
  9. Animal Song
  10. Love Keep Us Together
  11. Diggin Me
  12. Way I Am

Wonder Bar (2000)Edit

Martin Sexton - Wonder Bar
Wonder Bar
  1. Angeline
  2. Real Man
  3. Elephant's Memory
  4. Faith on the Table
  5. Casino Foundation
  6. Where Did I Go Wrong
  7. She Cries and Sings
  8. Things You Do to Me
  9. Hallelujah
  10. Free World
  11. Golden Road

Seeds (2007)Edit

Martin Sexton - Seeds
  1. Happy
  2. Thought I Knew Ya
  3. Wild Angels
  4. Will It Go Round in Circles
  5. Goin' to the Country
  6. I'm Here
  7. There I Go
  8. Right Where You Belong
  9. Marry Me
  10. Failure
  11. Still Think About You
  12. How Far I've Come
  13. Wild Angels (Reprise)
  14. Keep It Simple

Sugarcoating (2010)Edit

Martin Sexton - Sugarcoating
  1. Found
  2. Boom Sh-Boom
  3. Always Got Away
  4. Livin the Life
  5. Sugarcoating
  6. Stick Around
  7. Long Haul
  8. Shane
  9. Wants Out
  10. Friends Again
  11. Easy on the Eyes
  12. Alone
  13. Just to Be Alive

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. 13 Step Boogie
  2. Caramel Frap
  3. I Love This Kid
  4. In The Journey
  5. Juan Smells Like Cheese
  6. Looks Like I'm A Fatty
  7. Micky Micky Mcauland
  8. On And Off My Mind
  9. Silence Now
  10. Smoothies For You
  11. Teresita Y Maria
  12. Tessa Makes Me Hot
  13. There Go I
  14. Where Did I Go Wrong With You
  15. Women And Wine

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