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Walking On The Wild Side

This song is by Martin Nilsson.

I work hard every night and day
Got my bills and I try to pay
All i'm looking for is just a break
make no misstake.

I try so hard just to care for you
and i sware that i'm allways true
all I know i'm a working man
and I know i do the best i can

Walking on the Wild side
that is for the rich folks
I'm just an honest working man
Walking on the wild side
heard it on the radio
some guys sang it loud and clear
but the only thing I wish is you.

Cause I long for you day and night
and I want you to hold me tight
wanna lay in your arms again
get rid of the pain

In my poor and aking heart
I held love you from the start
don't you get me wrong this time
I'm gonna make you mine o mine

Walking on the wild side...

I'm just an honest working man

Walking on the wild side...

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