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This song is by Martin Jondo and appears on the album Rainbow Warrior (2005).

You, oh you...

Well this goes out to mama nature, the fruitful soul and heart of I and I
Keep her in and around and no one ever really dies

You make me feel like wanna go home
You are my precious queen

So please touch my heart if I am falling,
Worry 'bout my soul if you see me crying,
Encourage me to spread my wings to heaven
And fly away

'Cause you are the one which I am loving
You are the path on which I am trodding
You are the everburning light and might
In my life

So I can't make a move without your love, no
Never wanna make a move without you
Wanna wanna keep you deep,
So deep inside

So I never never let go
Never ever let you go, no
Never ever let you out of mine

So you make me feel like I wanna go home
So you make me feel like I got to get home

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