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This song is by Martin Jondo and appears on the album Rainbow Warrior (2005).


And I call, call you my heavenly pearl
Oh could you make me overstand dis ya difficult world
With all things running up and down and faster than fast
With all the lights sparkling in bars and wars
One million letters making history in every day
I read the news see the writings on the wall on my way
While one a differ between tiny little bigger and mad
The other differ between yellow, red, brown, snowwhite and black

And who feels Lord he knows it
And what he sees is dreader than dread
Red tears stealing your hope, man
But you can't forget
What has been done, yeah
To your brother
What has been done, yeah
To your own

Somehow the sunlight will come down to your home
Somewhere you find a place where you ain't alone
Somehow wisdom will come and overflow
All your rainy days your teardrops and your mean heavy load

And hey pearl, could you tell me where I am, I feel lost
In dis ya labyrinth I don't know where to walk who to trust
Satan is living in dem corrupted minds
And evil seed dem a go plant after dem brainwashed your mind
Downtown every corner is a dangerous zone
Barking people with high fever
Out of control
Piff pfaff, but the murderer is gone like his shot
Nobody knows why dis ya innocent girl has been his spot

And I hear the woman crying
Her innocent girl has been his spot
And I hear the woman imploring
To give her back
And I feel the woman dying
She lost everything that she got
If you are desperated and falling
Sing along

Friend if your life is full of darkness and you can't see no light
You got to be strong, start a rebellion and love will let you thrive
All of your seeds, see them growing and know you know my friend
If you're fighting you'll win one day
One day, someway