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​Running For Gold

This song is by Martin Jondo and appears on the album Echo & Smoke (2006).

I see the confronted youth
Well, they don't know which way to choose now
And I can see them searching in the city
But I say oh my God, yeah, oh my Lord what a pity
'Cause I see

Them running and running and running for this gold...

So here I come to take your illusion
And give you some rootsrock vibration and I say
Ain't the blood of the of the children teach us the truth
We've got to find new ways to choose,
We've got to turn this old way loose
Instead of

The victory of our revolution
It won't reach us over night
All people should know (people should know)
What's coming up fast (coming up fast)
Easily is tumbling down
So you should build up your house on stone
Instead of