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​Oh Gosh

This song is by Martin Jondo and appears on the album Echo & Smoke (2006).

Oh gosh, I love you my angel, mh mh
Oh gosh, I love you my king, yeah yeah yeah and
Oh gosh, when the moonlight is shining I don't wanna be lonely, no no
When the sunlight is rising I wanna share my cup

So if I close my eyes girl and I touch your lips
They do taste like red wine so sweet and wet
Girl I can feel your spirit so close to mine
And we are praying together when love light shines

Girl I love the way you walk
- Boy I love the way you talk
And I'm feeling your heartbeat
- So tell me tell me, oh girl, if you want we that we walk
So tell me tell me, oh girl
- Then you own my world, yeah yeah

Heh girl - mhmh - we are falling in deep, deep love
And a friend of mine told me something, he said:
Don't jump in the water if you can't swim
- One of mine was saying: Who dares wins
So I don't know what to do now
- Boy I even don't know
But all I can tell you
- Is I love you for sure

In all the good and bad times
I will be by your side
In every day I sing you a love rhyme
Our jay is burning down in the night