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This song is by Martin Jondo and appears on the album Echo & Smoke (2006).

Ain't it hard to see the children
And to see them having no place to go, Lord yeah
Ain't it hard to reveal them
That it's so, so hard - oh - it's so, so hard to find a place where there's love?

The tide has been low and the tide has been high
Still I see teardrops but why won't them dry?
Their souls hear them crying, their souls they can't fly
The devil's hate he broke the wings of their life

Oh please all of your prophets come and teach all your sheep
The shepherd never said fight until one man a bleed
And the words of the wise they live in charity
Teach the blind and the deaf till them hear and them see

Didn't you know, what goes up friend one day it comes down
Didn't you know, what goes round sure one day it comes round
Didn't you know, what you bury one day it will grow?
Lord, I see the trouble come

And I'm tired of walking the same circle I've been toiling day and night in my life
And I'm of plying the phoney game of saying every little thing will gonna be all right
And I'm tired of seeing the people acting like they are the great hero
And I'm bored of people fighting and screaming like sandpit fools
Oh, oh my Lord

So are the children we love the children we hate
The stone age's back, heh friend, rumours say it didn't fade
So all the victims we buried and all the tortured souls
They became zombie angels danger now them coming out

Dread, dread, dread, dread, dread became this time
And the wild, wild west no it will enter our lines
Lord so mad, mad, mad most of the people got blind
Now they spread, spread, spread plenty, plenty more lies

But the deaf and blind won't hear, won't see
So I and I shedding tear, tear by tear when I say

(Children, children) think about the afterlife
(Children, children) only some of you survive
(Children, children) I wish you the best
(Children, children) though your load is the heaviest

(Children, children) jump an run and save your life
(Children, children) Babylon can't send no light
(Children, children) cool down, meditate
(Children, children) 'cause Jah love is always there
(Children, children...)