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​Caught In A Ghetto

This song is by Martin Jondo and appears on the album Echo & Smoke (2006).

You're caught in a ghetto of your own, man. So set yourself free - because you're caught, caught by your own! You got to wake up!

Ain't it your foolish heart which rules your hand
Ain't it a greedy thought to cheat a friend
Ain't it your silent wish to be the king
Ain't it a weak king who's killing for money and things?

Tell me man where is your knowledge (you'll never see smoke without fire)
Tell me man where are you gone (gone and gone)
Sell your soul but when you wake up (wake up wake up)
You'll receive a bag of scorn

You are caught in a ghetto caught in a ghetto
Caught in a ghetto of your own
So you fall in the pit, woe
Fall in the pit, woe
You've been digging for all the souls

And in these hard times of trouble
You will be far way from their side
And when they call the offender
There is a day which you deny

Oh man you got that money
And greedy dogs won't ever bite
Judge I see that honey
You vow as easy as you lie

Look into your heart if you really build a cornerstone
Fighting their religion man you're eating flesh and bone
Who's killing for the righteous
He will never earn the throne
Sitting in a ghetto, in a ghetto of your own, bless!

We're all depending on fire Jah love and crystal waters
This is how we express the present to all the sons and daughters
Life ain't no prison but still the civilized is the privileged
Somebody save me and lead me to the bridge and

History is painting
A bloody vision on your flag
But your boat isn't shaking
You're swearing you obey your God
Man don't you know that looks are deceiving
And tomorrow never dies
No never dies