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This song is by Martin Finke and appears on the album Let It Ring (2001).

You were faced with a flight to the industry
Fire and smoke in your home
Your family was there to build bridges

And a lover in sight
A love to get by on

I'm walking alone to the lonely printhouse
It's distant from my house
And it's distant from your house
Thinking of you on a late shift
Praying and eating before morning
And I love all the paper we print on
I take it right down to the brewery
Where springtime and music time are brewing
And he reads it aloud with a brewer's affect

And a lover in sight
A love to get by on

The power lines hum and they hum
Bar room is red and the lights fade down
A blessing of beer and of boot trails
Impossible hope by the bedside
And why am I speaking of this
The good boy drunk drowning in happiness
There's an offside of fortune within me
Passion where passion can be
Like a passion for food or for hockey

And a lover in sight
A love to get by on

My heart dressed in sawdust
A farmhand's desire
A rowboat undefeated by swells
It's a rowboat we've captained so well

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