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Lament For A Locksmith

This song is by Martin Finke and appears on the album Untended Stories (2003).

I collected some things
And flew across the water
We decided to be happy
There's a house in old Clifden
Where I've spent many nights
And the men there are wise men

A few more years of this
And my life will be full
Full of untended upended stories
That straddle a decade of ruin

And the locksmith is sorry
That she can't unlock the door to his kindness
And so I'm in love
And so the world's turning
And so I become powerful and intrepid

Because I am next to you
I can understand the pulse of your blood
And since we are intimate
I know the honest appetite's aplomb
The cadence of your whisper
Fills my eyes with tears
And every time you kiss me
The locksmith frowns in despair

I grew up on the burly coast
And I fought throughout the years
I fought for every bit
Of this great cast-iron, self-preserving grit

I collected some things
And left the locksmith none the wiser
Causing everyone to laugh and laugh
And jump for joy

Fast as the morning train I tidied up the broken keys

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