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Symptomatic Love

This song is by Martha and the Muffins and appears on the album Trance And Dance (1980).

Move -- I can't move
Talk -- I can't talk
Poise -- No poise
I've got -- Love shock

One sight of you, not a thing I can do
No charm, no grace, I fall flat on my face
I wish you'd look this way, then what would I say
My mind would freeze, I feel weak in the knees

Pound - Heart pound
Straight -- Think straight
Breathe -- I can't breathe
Wait -- I can't wait

Head spinning round, can't touch the ground
I've got no explanation for this sudden elation
Ask me anything I'll consent, it's so adolescent
What is happening to me -- Is this love?
Can't be!

Is this the way that love is supposed to be?
I can't seem to catch my breath, this isn't me
The more that I try to hide it, it dominates me!

Take hold Hot
Hot and cold Grip
I can't grip
Cause down
I slip

I didn't mean to do it
But I've fallen in love with you
I tried to show resistance and
I tried to keep my distance from you

Symptomatic Love -- Hope it's not the same

I wasn't looking for romance
But I didn't really have a chance with you
I made an effort to avoid it
In the past my heart's been toyed with, now there's you

Symptomatic Love -- Here I go again

It's just a habit I can't break it
Though I've tried and tried to shake it, just won't do
Sometimes the price of love is much too steep
I can't stop now I'm in too deep with you

Symptomatic Love - Hope it's not the same
Symptomatic Love - Cause here I go again

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