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Primal Weekend

This song is by Martha and the Muffins and appears on the album Trance And Dance (1980).

Sally was a painter and a victim of our age,
Put faith in health-food living and a certain Buddhist sage,
Who told her that to see the light her ego had to go,
The conflict was too great for her -- the strain began to show,
Her mind was in a quandary -- she was slowly going mad,
She even threw the I Ching but it always turned out bad.

What to do? What to think? Not a clue.

Then she saw an item on Eye Witness Evening News,
Threw away her Valium and her 222's too,
"Therapy's the answer." said the television voice,
"Returning to the womb is your safest choice."

Her mind is reeling backwards through a primal scream,
Lukewarm water baths and all her childhood dreams,

A -- E -- I -- 0 -- U and sometimes Y
A -- E -- I -- 0 -- U and sometimes Y.
Primal Weekend.
Primal Weekend.
It's a Primal Weekend.

It's all right.
It's 0.K., It's all right.
Put the hose away.

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