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Be Blasé

This song is by Martha and the Muffins and appears on the album Trance And Dance (1980).

I was someone who
Put a lot of faith
In what I saw and what I heard.
There were persons who
Said they were my frieds
And I took them at their word.

I was fooled and I was tricked and
These friends were hand-picked so
What can you do? What can you say?
Only thing to do is Be blase'.

No one's happy in the modern world,
Jean-Paul Sartre told us that.
Despite the loads of rhetoric,
He was talking through his hat.
There's an exit,
There's a throughway,
Here's the word it's Be blase.

Riding on the streetcar,
Not going very far,
Someone pats me on the head,
Someone who I thought was dead.
Says: "It's time to go to bed."
This is what I said:
"You were thirty when I was three,
What the hell do you want with me?"

The only way to spare yourself
The angst of the modern world,
A look of nonchalance,
Sunglasses de rigeur,
Evasive policy.
Be blase'.

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