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Am I On?

This song is by Martha and the Muffins and appears on the album Trance And Dance (1980).

Action -- Am I on? -- You're never off!

This side for my profile
I need more powder on my face
The lighting's much too harsh in here
Now are you sure my hair's in place
The colours aren't quite right
Well pull the shades down just a touch
Do you think my dress is daring
Now are you sure it's not too much

She lives in a world of cameras and lights
Not even aware, they're not really there

Action -- Am I on? -- You're never off!

I really have to take five
To get into the mood
Please tell the cast to shape up
Now are you sure that's understood
Don't disturb my concentration
The right emotion I must grasp
I feel I'm on the edge of it
Let's do the scene now while it lasts

Refuses to see the truth in her life
A now faded star is all that you are

Am I On?

Action -- Am I on? -- You're never off!

Now I'm feeling so exhausted
But to the pressure don't succumb
My schedule's so demanding
What's that annoying endless hum?
Suppress this wave of panic
That is seeping to my brain
Control it so they can't see
That I'm going quite insane

She never gave thought to what lay ahead
But time has revealed, what can't be concealed

Am I On?

Action -- Am I on? -- You're never off?

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