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About Insomnia

This song is by Martha and the Muffins and appears on the album Trance And Dance (1980) and on the compilation album Far Away in Time (1987).

Waiting for the dawn for a dream,
A chance to lie down That confused imitation of life Eludes me now.

All routes of resistance impaired by your face
Oh fugitive hope will I see you today?

In a tunnel, on a bridge or a viaduct
We'll meet just by chance.
And in a moment or maybe just an hour or so
Renew our romance.

And if the charms of foreign places call
For changing tableaux
We will auction all our paintings
And our furniture
And take to the road ...
Do you suppose?

The patterns on the wall never change but shadows grow long
Vous n'assassinez de la realite'
C'est malheuresement.

As daylight disperses the spectres of night
My nocturnal musings don wings
And take flight

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