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Step Back

This song is by Marta Botia and appears on the album Cumplir Lo Prometido (2003).

Like a flash to my head
I see the very first day we ever met, now tell me
How everything between us made this change
I know that it's me and you
And it's all right that's just a thing of two, but tell me
How could you lie to me like that again

Now everybody knows you, where you've been
Everybody saw you talking shit
And here you come, pretending I didn't see a thing
Now all you say or do, is try to shout my mouth
And try to act so cool, but soon you will see
Who is fooling who

Step back
'Cause it's not all right
Step back
You keep telling lies
How could you try to hide
When it's so clear to my eyes
Step back, step back

Like a storm in my head
From today till the end, now tell me
Why are you trying to bring me down in pain
It's ok to stop all this
And it's so clear to separate from here
Now tell me, how come that you can torture me like this

You'd better stop stop stop
Before I drop drop drop
'Cause you're the one one one
That's wrapped me to your arms
But I can't go on and on and on
Looks like like nothing is wrong
But you're just sucking my blood
Took away my heart and soul
Just tell me just tell me
What are the reasons baby
I'm losing all my life
It's clear that I'm depending
On you to blind my eyes
Gotta find my way to the top
Take away your presents baby
Don't baby

Come on know
I'm breaking off the wall
Don't get to be alone
You expect to see me sorry
You will take away my worries
I know this won't come easy
To make your part of my
It's just fine for my fucking pride
Take all your shit away
Take all your money away just go away.

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