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​Human Waste

This song is by Maroon and appears on the album Endorsed by Hate (2004).

Apathetic mass enslaved to machines that never sleep.
Blinded eyes - waste of life!
Bones that carry rotten flesh through days of lethargy.
No refusal - no resistance!

Not every heart is worth beating!

Eyes accepting senseless killing of the innocent day by day.
Animals die - no reason why!
Men that speak of freedom leading soldiers to their graves.
Hypocrite - full of shit!

Not every mouth is worth breathing!

This life - it's wasted!

Destroying everything around for some abhorrent needs.
Human kind - crown of creation!
Misanthropic hate campaign against our human kind.
No turning back - hordes of the dead!

Not every live is worth living!

This life - it's wasted!