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Only You

This song is by Marlene Brehm.

If I could breathe you in and out
I would to find what you're about
By myself or if I'm in a crowd
You are there
And I want to have you by my side
'Cause I'm lost if you're not in my life
So I'll run to your arms open wide
There's no other
Everywhere I go you are with me
Nobody like you
You prove
It's you
And only you
I can see the way that you love me
I've fallen for you
It's true
It's you
And only you
(I've fallen for you, and only you)
I need, you in my every thought
'Cause my mind, can be in such chaos
Without you, I count it as a loss
None compares to

You love me to my core
You're never letting go
The heart beat of my soul
Not empty anymore


Written by:

Rusty Varenkamp; Marlene Beatrice Brehm

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