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Thank Someone Tonight

This song is by Marlango, features Jorge Drexler and appears on the album Life In The Treehouse (2010).

The wind tangles my hair
The full moon rolls down the hill
I'm sitting alone
Knowing you are asleep next door
The sun was holding my skin
Your picture was sailing with me
The water was deep, the land wasn't far
And you were all waiting for me

I want to thank someone tonight
It's enough with so little
It takes so much to find out
Keep all the words and the things they name
And let me breathe through another day

I want to thank. I want to thank someone tonight. tonight
For the rainbow that comes to play in my hand
For the dust that dances in the ray of light
And watching it fade
Tonight... tonight
For the flowers that grow through the cracks
For the cloud that speeds past the clear blue sky

The sounds were climbing like smoke
My body was buried in grass
It was all part of me
I was part of it all
And your laughter fell around me like rain

I want to thank... want to thank someone tonight

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