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I'm Mint Man Me Man Yeah Yeah

This song is by Mark Wynn and appears on the album Get Off The Fridge (2013).

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I would like to go
To the bar with you
But I can't, it's buggin me
Got somethin' else to do
Twenty minutes today
Doing nothing today
Wasn't good, made me feel foolish
Sky was grey
So I went for a walk
It was raining but at least I didn't get lost
Had a fag on the way
Sky was grey
And I thought to myself
"What a horrible place to be"
I didn't mean it, it was all impulse

Where'd you end up?
In a checkout queue
Banana for food
"Small pack of blue Rizlas please sir
Yeah, okay, greens'll do"
He smiles at me
"Cheer up son, might never happen"
Don't call me simply sassy
I swear, you're younger than me
Look I don't really care what you think
Just leave me alone
Thinks I'm being rude, gettin' annoyed
Here's his next move
"Security, this man here, been rude to me"
Should've used the self-service machine
Should've used the self-service machine

If I had everything would've been okay
And I wouldn't be here apologizing for being rude to a member of the Tesco staff
I'm sorry I'm having a bad day
Bad day
I'm sorry I'm having a bad day

It's like hello come in camera action plan let's make a star you in the back there
As always everything's safe but ya boring me I feel tricked by the Rolling Stones
Call you up on the phone
"Don't you think it would be better if we were all dressed-up in Panda suits all the time?"
"But I thought you said it would be cool?"
"Yeah, me too"
"I thought you just said you didn't like the idea of that?"
"What are you talking about?
Of course it would be nice if we were all wearing Panda suits all the time
And we would say..."
"What would we say?"

"I'm Mint Man Me Man Yeah Yeah
I'm Mint Man Me Man Yeah Yeah
I'm Mint Man Me Man Yeah Yeah Yeah"

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