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In Stereo (1986)Edit

Mark Spiro - In Stereo

In Stereo

  1. The Valley of Love
  2. Oh Rebecca
  3. In Stereo
  4. Tenderness
  5. Maybe It's Time
  6. Room in Your Heart
  7. One for You, One for Me
  8. Winds of Change
  9. Uh Oh
  10. Morocco

Care of My Soul (1994)Edit

Mark Spiro - Care of My Soul

Care of My Soul

  1. Care of My Soul
  2. One of the Reasons
  3. King Arthur
  4. Drop in the Ocean
  5. Wheels May Rust
  6. Women Be True
  7. The Fishermen 3
  8. You Can't Take That Away
  9. Between the Raindrops
  10. Wallflower Ranch
  11. Lately
  12. Everything Changes

Now Is Then, Then Is Now (1996)Edit

Mark Spiro - Now Is Then, Then Is Now

Now Is Then, Then Is Now

  1. All the Love We Kill
  2. English Channel
  3. Stay Young
  4. In the Dark
  5. Around You
  6. Wind on the Water
  7. Son with the Walking Shoes
  8. London Is Burning
  9. Dancing with Einstein
  10. Through My Eyes
  11. Light in the Darkness
  12. Mid Western Skies

Devotion (1997)Edit

Mark Spiro - Devotion


  1. My Devotion
  2. Rhythm of You
  3. The Rain Came Tumblin' Down
  4. Time Keeps Ticking
  5. Love Is War
  6. Kiss the World Away
  7. Sunset City
  8. Better with a Broken Heart
  9. Campbell River Road
  10. Valdez
  11. Don't Leave Me in Love
  12. Guardian Angel
  13. Desert Bloom

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (1999)Edit

Mark Spiro - The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

  1. I'll Be There
  2. Love in a Western World
  3. Can You Hear the Night
  4. Fire & Water
  5. Halflight
  6. The Rhythm of Your Soul
  7. Rain in Her Heart
  8. Vendetta
  9. Back to the Promised Land
  10. Can't Take That Away
  11. I Made It So
  12. Pray for Rain
  13. The Palm of Your Hand

It's a Beautiful Life (2012)Edit

Mark Spiro - It's a Beautiful Life

It's a Beautiful Life

  1. It's a Beautiful Life
  2. I Know Who I Love
  3. Come Back to Me
  4. Love Struck Dumb
  5. Go Another Mile
  6. Dance the Lonely Spotlight
  7. Might as Well Be Me
  8. Brand New Beautiful Day
  9. Dream Big, Pray Hard
  10. Everything I Do

Care of My Soul Vol. 2 (2012)Edit

Mark Spiro - Care of My Soul Vol. 2

Care of My Soul Vol. 2

  1. A Beautiful Mistake
  2. Get into the Going
  3. Love Don't Come Around Here
  4. Starlight
  5. Miss Her Everywhere
  6. Singing You Back to Me
  7. Paper Dragons
  8. Up in Flames
  9. My Greatest Goodbye
  10. Everything Is on It's Way
  11. Say Your Prayers

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