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Never Stop That Feeling (1995)Edit

Mark 'Oh - Never Stop That Feeling
Never Stop That Feeling
  1. Oh (Intro)
  2. Love Song (Long Version)
  3. Dreaming of You (U.R.R.Mix)
  4. Tears Don't Lie (Long Version)
  5. You Want More (U.R.R.Mix)
  6. Let's Do It Again
  7. Can You Feel the Rhythm? (U.R.R.Mix)
  8. Friendship (U.R.R.Mix)
  9. How Do I Love You? (U.R.R.Mix)
  10. Randy (Never Stop That Feeling)

Rebirth (1995)Edit

Mark 'Oh - Rebirth
  1. The Evidence
  2. Rebirth
  3. Your Love
  4. On the Otherside
  5. Back to Camelot
  6. The Sparrows and the Nightingales
  7. We Are Electric
  8. Should It Begin...
  9. Forgotten Man
  10. Fallen Angel

Magic Power (1997)Edit

Mark 'Oh - Magic Power
Magic Power
  1. Wake Up and Dream
  2. The Right Way
  3. Movin'
  4. The Hunt
  5. Fade to Grey
  6. Searching for Love
  7. Lick Lick Shot
  8. I Can't Get No (Wahaha)
  9. The Jazzy Fellows
  10. Rest in Peace
  11. Funky Disco Bus
  12. Tonight's the Night
  13. Magic Power

Mark 'Oh (2003)Edit

Mark 'Oh - Mark 'Oh
Mark 'Oh
  1. Where Is Babylon
  2. When the Children Cry (Radio Cut)
  3. I Surrender
  4. One More Try
  5. Let This Party Never End (Video Cut)
  6. Summer Vibes
  7. Rock It
  8. Desire
  9. Face 2 Face
  10. Tokyo Is Calling
  11. Because I Love You
  12. Never Stop That Feeling

More Than Words (2004)Edit

Mark 'Oh - More Than Words
More Than Words
  1. Words
  2. You
  3. Stuck On You
  4. Get Here
  5. Fly Away
  6. Partytime on Planet Earth
  7. I Promise My Love to You
  8. Magic Symphony
  9. Party Train
  10. Around the World

Other SongsEdit

  1. Waves
  2. Because I Love You (Deutsch)
  3. Forever Young
  4. Hey Baby
  5. Never Stop That Feeling 2001
  6. Tell Me

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