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Other Peoples Rooms

This song is by Mark-Almond and appears on the album Other Peoples Rooms (1978).

Mark-Almond Other peoples room Lyrics

Here I am, on your photograph

Again what kind of place

Did you bring me to this time

Is it a room so small but there's hardly room at all

Other peoples rooms are they cheery are they bright

Other peoples lives, do they always turn out right

Do they always look the door

Wishing they had someone to open it for just a little room

Of there own and all the music that I play, is just for the time that

I get to slip away and lost myself in other peoples rooms.

Other peoples rooms, are they fancy or just plain,

Other peoples dreams, are they really just the same everyone

Needs a caller of their won, everyone needs a place to come home,

Just a little room of their own, and all the music

That I play is just for the times that I get to slip away,

And lost myself in other peoples rooms

Here the music play, in otherf peoples rooms, all the love

Is there, in other peoples rooms, hear the music play

In other peoples rooms

All the love is there in other peoples rooms

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