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The Lie

This song is by Marionette and appears on the album Enemies (2009).

Empty and alone. Every bridge is burning and I know every book is closed. All is said and done.

So what have I become? (not sure of this bit)

So what have I become? Wrecked by my anger, worse than you all. And I turned into ashes, every nerve went numb. Every fire faded out. Now I know nothing's true.

Everything is gone. I can never beat you and I know that I have become you after all.

I cursed you and I screamed. Words of red and black. Death unto us all. Death 'cause we deserve it. For our hidden crimes. For all the broken girls. For the quiet boys that we keep pushing till they're monsters.

And I cannot fight years of man - made rules, shaping us to swine, each one an accomplice. Every bloodstained hand trained to wield the knives. Squealing in the dark as we are butchering each other. Giggling and I screech. (again, not sure) Rolling in the dark. Thinking that we're different, that we play a part. But there is no truth. We are never different, and there is no truth.

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