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Paper Roses (1973)Edit

Marie Osmond - Paper Roses

Paper Roses

  1. Paper Roses
  2. Louisiana Bayou
  3. Everything is Beautiful
  4. You're the Only World I Know
  5. Fool No. 1
  6. Least of All You
  7. Sweet Dreams
  8. Too Many Rivers
  9. It's Such a Pretty World Today
  10. True Love Lasts Forever

Who's Sorry Now (1975)Edit

Marie Osmond - Who's Sorry Now

Who's Sorry Now

  1. Who's Sorry Now
  2. Anytime
  3. This I Promise You
  4. Love Letters in the Sand
  5. Making Believe
  6. The Things I Tell My Pillow
  7. Among My Souvenirs
  8. Jealous Heart
  9. Clinging Vine
  10. It's the Little Things

This Is The Way That I Feel (1977)Edit

Marie Osmond - This Is The Way That I Feel

This Is The Way That I Feel

  1. This Is the Way That I Feel
  2. Play the Music Loud
  3. Didn't I Love You, Boy
  4. Please Tell Him That I Said Hello
  5. Miss You Nights
  6. Where Did Our Love Go
  7. Cry Baby, Cry
  8. You're My Superman, You're My Everything
  9. All He Did Was Tell Me Lies (To Try to Woo Me)

There's No Stopping Your Heart (1985)Edit

Marie Osmond - There's No Stopping Your Heart

There's No Stopping Your Heart

  1. There's No Stoppin' Your Heart
  2. Needing a Night Like This
  3. Read My Lips
  4. The Best of You
  5. I'll Be Faithful to You
  6. Meet Me in Montana
  7. That Old Devil Moon
  8. Love Will Find Its Way to You
  9. Until I Fall in Love Again
  10. Blue Sky Shinin'

I Only Wanted You (1986)Edit

Marie Osmond - I Only Wanted You

I Only Wanted You

  1. Cry Just a Little
  2. I Only Wanted You
  3. You're Still New to Me (featuring Paul Davis)
  4. Making Magic
  5. I Know the Feeling
  6. Your Love Carries Me Away
  7. We're Gonna Need a Love Song
  8. New Love
  9. More Than Dancing
  10. Everybody's Crazy 'bout My Baby

All in Love (1988)Edit

Marie Osmond - All in Love

All in Love

  1. I'm in Love and He's in Dallas
  2. Raining Tears
  3. My Home Town Boy
  4. Baby's Blue Eyes
  5. Lonely as the Night Is Long
  6. 99% of the Time
  7. Somebody Else's Moon
  8. Sweet Life (featuring Paul Davis)
  9. All in Love
  10. Without a Trace

Steppin' Stone (1989)Edit

Marie Osmond - Steppin' Stone

Steppin' Stone

  1. What Would You Do About You (If You Were Me)
  2. Slowly but Surely
  3. What's in It for Me
  4. Steppin' Stone
  5. What's a Little Love Between Friends
  6. If You Think About It Call Me
  7. Help Me Get Over You
  8. A Too Blue Moon
  9. Love Speaks Louder Than Words
  10. Let Me Be the First

Magic of Christmas (2007)Edit

Marie Osmond - Magic of Christmas

Magic of Christmas

  1. The Christmas Song
  2. When Christmas Comes This Year (with Donny Osmond)
  3. Angels We Have Heard on High / Away In A Manger
  4. Season of Seasons
  5. Christmas Lullaby
  6. The Gift of Love
  7. Hark! the Herald Angels Sing / O Come All Ye Faithful
  8. The Locket
  9. Christmas in the Country
  10. It's Christmas Once Again (with Little Jimmy Osmond)
  11. O Holy Night
  12. The Secret of Christmas
  13. The Lord's Prayer
  14. True Love
  15. Santa Claus is Coming to Town (with Merrill Osmond)

I Can Do This (2010)Edit

Marie Osmond - I Can Do This

I Can Do This

  1. How Great Thou Art
  2. I Can Only Imagine
  3. Pie Jesu
  4. Now Thank We All Our God
  5. World Without Walls
  6. Tell Me to Breathe
  7. I Need Thee Every Hour
  8. Ave Verum Corpus
  9. I Can Do This
  10. Lead Kindly Light
  11. Bless This House
  12. Gift to Be Simple
  13. Tender Mercies
  14. The Only One

Other SongsEdit

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  1. A Day Late And A Dollar Short
  2. A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock 'N Roll
  3. Angels We Have Heard On High/Away In A Manger
  4. From God's Arms To My Arm's To Yours
  5. Greatest Gift Of All
  6. Hark, The Herald Angels Sing/O Come All Ye Faithful
  7. I Can't Wait
  8. In My Little Corner Of The World
  9. Like A Hurricane
  10. Make The World Go Away
  11. My Reflection
  12. Take Me Back Again
  13. Think With Your Heart
  14. When Somebody Cares For You
  15. Which Way You Goin' Billy?
  16. Winter Wonderland
  17. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

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