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Vera Flew The Coop

This song is by Marian Call and appears on the album Got To Fly (2008).

Vera flew the coop when she was only soft sixteen
She hopped the first and fastest train with some lousy libertine
He'd spun a pretty story and he'd stole away her youth
And everyone was shocked 'cause Vera always told the truth
Oh, her slip surprised them all 'cause Vera always told the truth

Vera dumped that lying lout in the dust behind the train
He'd angled for a child but caught a heartless hurricane
He wasn't worth a bullet, she just pushed him off the side
And she thanked him for her freedom, she was eternally polite
Vera thanked him for his trouble, she was nothing but polite

Vera ran with lawless men who trembled when she talked
She never flinched, she never smiled, and her gun was always cocked
At twenty-one she terrorized the whole of the frontier
And they feared her faithful justice, they knew Vera was sincere
Oh, they ran from Vera's posse 'cause she was perfectly sincere

Vera rode alone the whole of her ferocious life
She'd never met a boy she didn't think deserved the knife
Not a one of them was worthy in her steady steely eyes
'Cause they all fronted for their flaws and Vera always sneered at lies
Yeah, she found all men were liars and Vera couldn't live with lies

It was not till Vera's dying days her hard heart met desire
The man who shot her through was the only man she could admire
That mortal wound awoke in her a fire no balm could soothe
And she said "I think I love you" and Vera always told the truth
Oh, as she died she said "I love you" and Vera always told the truth

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