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Stay in Love

This song is by Marcus Canty and appears on the album This Is... Marcus Canty (2013).

Girl you can say anything
Just don't tell me that
And we can play all the games
Just don't play like that

We can go anywhere, but we can't go out like that
I'm telling you, everything we going through it now
Just take that back.
Oh no no no.

We got this, I don't know what you're thinking
We got this, I ain't never giving up
I'm bad in everything that got on us
So baby can we stay in love.

What do we gotta do to stay in love, stay in love?
What do I gotta give you that would be enough, to stay in love?
Listen to me, ain't nobody but us,
And this girl I'm down if you're down
And there's ride it out, even though it's been count her up
Girl on the real let's stay in love.

I got a plan, just hear me out
Before you say a word
Please understand, what kind of man you got?
We're gonna have to put us worse
There gonna be days we're gonna fight it out
But that's just how we do,
You're trippin' baby
Everything we're going through, girl don't mean we're through oh oh
NO no no

Make me a list, girl write it down
Don't you leave nothing now
Promise I'll follow with bad girl anything what you say
That's how we stay in love, baby

Let's stay in love

Written by:

Damon E Thomas; Lashawn Ameen Daniels; Michael Jiminez; Steve Russell; Eric Dawkins; Miguel Jiminez; Harvey Mason; Michael Daley

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