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Down In The Neighborhood

This song is by Marcia Ball and appears on the album Peace, Love & BBQ (2008).

I found out just the other day
You've been cheatin' while I looked the other way
I've been trusting, you've been up to no good
You can't have any secrets down in the neighborhood

My best friend, she told me
She saw something that she wasn't supposed to see
You and another woman making love, I thought you understood
You can't do any sneaking down in the neighborhood

Well, it's a small town and people talk
Step out of line, and you're gonna get caught
Down in the neighborhood

(Guitar solo)

That cheatin' woman she's gonna cheat on you
Tear down your playhouse, and cut you loose
Everybody they're gonna know what you were doing
They all went a-peeling?, down in the neighborhood

Well, you don't have to kiss and tell
I'm gonna hear it from someone else
Down in the neighborhood
Down in the neighborhood


Written by:

Marcia Ball

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