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Hot Tamale Baby (1985)Edit

Marcia Ball - Hot Tamale Baby

Hot Tamale Baby

  1. Never Like This Before
  2. I'm Gonna Forget About You
  3. Love's Spell
  4. I Don't Know
  5. Hot Tamale Baby
  6. That's Enough of That Stuff
  7. Don't You Know I Love You
  8. Another Man's Woman
  9. If I Ever Needed Love
  10. Uh-Uh Baby

Gatorhythms (1989)Edit

Marcia Ball - Gatorhythms


  1. How You Carry On
  2. La Ti Da
  3. The Power of Love
  4. Mobile
  5. Find Another Fool
  6. Mama’s Cooking
  7. What's a Girl to Do
  8. Daddy Said
  9. You’ll Come Around
  10. Red Hot

Blue House (1994)Edit

Marcia Ball - Blue House

Blue House

  1. Red Beans
  2. The Facts of Life
  3. Down the Road
  4. Blue House
  5. Big Shot
  6. St. Gabriel
  7. That's What I Get
  8. Fingernails
  9. Why Do I
  10. If This Is Love
  11. Sparkle Paradise
  12. One of a Kind

Let Me Play with Your Poodle (1997)Edit

Marcia Ball - Let Me Play with Your Poodle

Let Me Play with Your Poodle

  1. Let Me Play with Your Poodle
  2. Why Women Cry
  3. Crawfishin'
  4. How Big a Fool
  5. The Right Tool for the Job
  6. I'm Just a Prisoner
  7. I Still Love You
  8. Can't Trust My Heart
  9. The Story of My Life
  10. Something I Can't Do
  11. For the Love of a Man
  12. American Dream
  13. Louisiana 1927

Presumed Innocent (2001)Edit

Marcia Ball - Presumed Innocent

Presumed Innocent

  1. Scene of the Crime
  2. You Make It Hard
  3. Count the Days
  4. Let the Tears Roll Down
  5. Louella
  6. Fly on the Wall
  7. I Have the Right to Know
  8. Thibodaux, Louisiana
  9. I'm Coming Down With the Blues
  10. Shake a Leg
  11. Somebody to Love
  12. She's So Innocent
  13. You Make Me Happy

So Many Rivers (2003)Edit

Marcia Ball - So Many Rivers

So Many Rivers

  1. Foreclose on the House of Love
  2. Dance With Me
  3. Baby, Why Not
  4. Honeypie
  5. Give Me a Chance
  6. Didn't You Know
  7. Give It Up (Give In)
  8. So Many Rivers to Cross
  9. The Storm
  10. The Lowdown
  11. Hurricane on China Lake
  12. Three Hundred Pounds of Hongry
  13. If It's Really Got to Be This Way
  14. If It Ain't One Thing

Live! Down the Road (2005)Edit

Marcia Ball - Live! Down the Road

Live! Down the Road

  1. Big Shot
  2. The Right Tool for the Job
  3. Just Kiss Me
  4. That's Enough of That Stuff
  5. Louella
  6. Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday
  7. La Ti Da
  8. It Hurts to Be in Love
  9. Down the Road
  10. No Ordinary Woman
  11. Crawfishin'
  12. Louisiana 1927
  13. Count the Days
  14. Let Me Play With Your Poodle

Peace, Love & BBQ (2008)Edit

Marcia Ball - Peace, Love & BBQ

Peace, Love & BBQ

  1. Party Town
  2. Peace, Love & BBQ
  3. Miracle In Knoxville
  4. Watermelon Time
  5. Down In The Neighborhood
  6. Where Do You Go?
  7. My Heart And Soul
  8. I'll Never Be Free
  9. Married Life
  10. Falling Back In Love With You
  11. Right Back In It
  12. Ride It Out
  13. I Wish You Well

Roadside Attractions (2011)Edit

Marcia Ball - Roadside Attractions

Roadside Attractions

  1. That's How It Goes
  2. Roadside Attractions
  3. Between Here And Kingdom Come
  4. We Fell Hard
  5. Look Before You Leap
  6. I Heard It All
  7. Believing In Love
  8. This Used To Be Paradise
  9. Everybody's Looking For The Same Thing
  10. Sugar Boogie
  11. Mule Headed Man
  12. The Party's Still Going On

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