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Marc Cohn (1991)Edit

Marc Cohn - Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn

  1. Walking in Memphis
  2. Ghost Train
  3. Silver Thunderbird
  4. Dig Down Deep
  5. Walk on Water
  6. Miles Away
  7. Saving the Best for Last
  8. Strangers in a Car
  9. 29 Ways
  10. Perfect Love
  11. True Companion

The Rainy Season (1993)Edit

Marc Cohn - The Rainy Season

The Rainy Season

  1. Walk Through the World
  2. Rest for the Weary
  3. The Rainy Season
  4. Mama's in the Moon
  5. Don't Talk to Her at Night
  6. Paper Walls
  7. From the Station
  8. Medicine Man
  9. Baby King
  10. She's Becoming Gold
  11. The Things We've Handed Down

Burning the Daze (1998)Edit

Marc Cohn - Burning The Daze

Burning the Daze

  1. Already Home
  2. Girl of Mysterious Sorrow
  3. Providence
  4. Healing Hands
  5. Lost You in the Canyon
  6. Saints Preserve Us
  7. Olana
  8. Turn to Me
  9. Valley of the Kings
  10. Turn on Your Radio
  11. Ellis Island

The Very Best of Marc Cohn (2006)Edit

Marc Cohn - The Very Best Of Marc Cohn

The Very Best of Marc Cohn

  1. Walking in Memphis
  2. True Companion
  3. Silver Thunderbird
  4. Ghost Train
  5. Perfect Love
  6. Dig Down Deep
  7. Walk Through the World
  8. The Rainy Season
  9. Rest for the Weary
  10. Paper Walls
  11. The Things We've Handed Down
  12. Lost You in the Canyon
  13. Saints Preserve Us
  14. Olana
  15. Turn on Your Radio
  16. Fallen Angel
  17. Healing Hands
Bonus track on CD release
  1. One Safe Place (live)

Join the Parade (2007)Edit

Marc Cohn - Join The Parade

Join The Parade

  1. Listening to Levon
  2. The Calling (Ghost of Charlie Christian)
  3. Dance Back from the Grave
  4. If I Were an Angel
  5. Let Me Be Your Witness
  6. Live Out the String
  7. Giving up the Ghost
  8. Join the Parade
  9. My Sanctuary
  10. Life Goes On
iTunes bonus track
  1. You're a Shadow

Listening Booth: 1970 (2010)Edit

Marc Cohn - Listening Booth- 1970

Listening Booth: 1970

  1. Wild World
  2. Look at Me
  3. Maybe I'm Amazed
  4. Make It with You (with India.Arie)
  5. The Letter
  6. The Only Living Boy in New York
  7. After Midnight
  8. The Tears of a Clown (with Kristina Train)
  9. No Matter What (with Aimee Mann)
  10. New Speedway Boogie (with Jim Lauderdale)
  11. Into the Mystic
  12. Long as I Can See the Light
Bonus track on Barnes & Noble release
  1. Close to You
Bonus track on iTunes release
  1. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours

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Songs From SinglesEdit

Songs on BootlegsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. A Song for My Daughter
  2. Bits and Pieces
  3. Fallen Angels
  4. Far Away, Nearby
  5. I Hope I Don't Fall in Love With You
  6. Introduction
  7. Street of Windows
  8. The Days
  9. Walking in Memphis (Reprise)

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