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Compilation album by Marc Almond.
Disc One
  1. City of Night
  2. Waifs and Strays (The Grid Mix)
  3. King of the Fools
  4. The Libertine Dream's
  5. Only the Moment (All The Time In The World Mix)
  6. The Gambler
  7. Tears Run Rings (The La Magia Dance Mix)
  8. Everything I Wanted Love to Be
  9. Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart
  10. Bitter Sweet (The Big Beat Mix)
  11. The Frost Comes Tomorrow
  12. She Took My Soul in Istanbul (The Blue Mosque Mix)
Disc Two
  1. The Stars We Are (Full Length Mix)
  2. A Lover Spurned (12" Version)
  3. Real Evil
  4. Exotica Rose
  5. The Desperate Hours (Extended Flamenco Mix)
  6. Old Jack's Charm
  7. These My Dreams Are Yours (Through The Night Mix)
  8. The Sea Still Sings (Demo Version)
  9. Madame De La Luna (Demo Version)
  10. Deaths Diary (Demo Version)
  11. Toreador in the Rain (Demo Version)
  12. Orpheus in Red Velvet (Demo Version)
  13. The Sensualist (Ultimate Ecstacy Mix)

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