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​Song For You

This song is by Mark-Almond and appears on the album Mark-Almond (1971).

Standing beside yourself, eyes in the back of your head
You'll never find yourself! All the things you said
Will leave a message --that'll be for you--
Come on, take a hold of yourself!
Come on, let me through!
Give me some of yourself!
I'm gonna teach you to do the things
That you've forgotten to do
Gonna bring a string to tie a fool like you
Feel ya breaking, like a plant out of dirt, ah,
Come on, now, give it all to me, yeah yeah
Give me some of yourself!
Give me some of your mama, some of your papa too,
Give me some of your sister, or your brother will do.
Give me everything that you ever have seen.
Come on, be the one to set me free, yeah!
Give me some of yourself!

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