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So What's Tonight?

This song is by Marc Almond and appears on the album The Dancing Marquis (2014).

I apply my face
Stork out of friendly space
Chasing the choruses

Away I rejoin the race
Danced at my lonely face
No more dark horses

And I say so
So what's tonight
Ouch, on the hungry sea
Walk when the shadows dream
For all my feet can you show me
What's on tonight

So, so what's tonight
Time, roads and shallow games
Love by another name
My life shall tipe always the same
No love tonight

I picked up the face
A solid task
I always asked
So what's tonight

Remember nights
Softer, tender nights
Release the light
Lost in each others arms
Waited they all go
Nothing left to show
And long is the night alone

So, so what's tonight
No taste I ever tryed before
The single feast that I adore
Life is a weird repeated feelings
Always leave you, wanting more

So, where you Know
You beautiful
I have ...(?)
Take time to break
Maybe dark horses can stay another day
And still I say
What's tonight
So what's tonight
So what's tonight

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