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Ratcliffe Highway

This song is by Marc Almond and appears on the album The Tyburn Tree (Dark London) (2014).

As I was walking through London, from Wapping to Ratcliffe Highway
I chanced to go into a whorehouse, to spend a long night and a day

A young doxy came rolling up to me and asked if I'd money to sport
For some of her time changed a guinea, and she quickly replied "That's the sort"

When the money was laid on the table, with a sleight of her hand it was gone
When I asked her the change from that guinea she tipped me a verse of her song

This lady flew into a passion and placed both her hands on her hips
Saying "Sailor don't you know our fashion, do you think you're on one of your ships?"

I said "Is this your fashion to rob me, sich a fashion I'll never abide
So give me the change of my guinea or else I'll give you a broadside"

Then I put my old knife to her white throat and for my change her life did I take
And down the stairs I run nimbly, saying "Damn my old boots I'm well paid"

The night being dark in my favour, to the river I quickly did creep
And I jumped in a boat bound for Deptford and got safe aboard of my ship

And it seemed that the Devil within me had opened a dark doorway to hell
For the spirit of killing was in me and the others didn't live long to tell

So come all you bold young sailors that ramble down Ratcliffe Highway
If by chance you go into bawd house, beware lads how long you do stay

For the wine and the women invite you, and your heart will be all in rage
If you give them a guinea for a tumble, you can go to the Devil for your change

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