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Marc Almond
This song is performed by Marc Almond and appears on the album Fantastic Star (1996), on the album Little Rough Rhinestones Volume 1 (2002) and on the album Little Rough Rhinestones Volume 2 (2006).
Come in sweet assassin
How will I ever know you love me
Unless you hurt me
Lay your head down on the pillow
Take off your dancing shoes
And rest your gypsy feet

Come in sweet assassin
You've got everything to steal
And nothing to lose
Just call in
When you're passing
I've forgotten how it feels
Not to trust someone

Come in sweet assassin
And do just what you have to do
Make it quick, don't fool around
Ignore all sombre warnings
Not to succumb to love
Leave my heart locked up forever more

The rings upon your fingers
Boast of what you took from others
What you're gonna take from me
The taint of perfume lingers
On the clothes of those that
Fell into your arms, you charm
And move in for the kill

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