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Black Widow

This song is by Marc Almond and appears on the album The Tyburn Tree (Dark London) (2014).

Hanging on a tight rope, when the sun is up
Seeing way back, rich men write laws
Swinging on a tight rope, perching on my 'sill
Crow be my black widow still

Once they bled themselves, now only bleed the poor
Crow at my window, at my 'sill, crow be my widow still
Drink my blood from Tyburn Tree, watch as I buck and flail
Crow call my window sill, crow my black widow still
I am a poor man, here is my view, swing on the gallows
My sweet adieu

Did I have a choice, born to die a slave
The cradle to the grave in chains
Well I took a chance, danced my last dance
Chance my last dance with me
My sweet adieu

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