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​Write Me A Letter

This song is by Maoli.

I haven't seen you in a while
You know I miss your sexy smile
Remember the time when we'd take our walks
I took your hand and we would just talk
Think of me darling when I'm not there
Think of the moments we would share
Let me know everything's okay
And to do this is what I would say

Write me a letter and put your picture in it to
Tell me you love me and when you miss me you know
When to do .<x2>

Write me a letter with each and every day
Put your name and your picture
Send it to me so I could hang it like a poaster
See it everyday there ain't no way I can miss you no way-ah no way


I miss your smile
So when I see you I'll kiss you all day
When you're in my arms cuddle into somethings
In that way, make LOVE all night long
Till the morning comes
Squezz you so tight
And girl ill rub you down to make the moon rise


(Repeat pattern till fade.)
Write me, tell me you love me

By:Elana && Cheslei :)
Elana And Cheslei was heaa!