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As of 16:46, October 19, 2015 (UTC), we could not find reliable evidence that this artist exists.
If you have any evidence (other than the countless other lyric sites who probably copied this from us anyway), please provide a link on the talk page and remove this message by deleting the {{RealityCheck|artist|...}} template.
If the validity of this page cannot be established within a year, it will be deleted.
Do NOT remove this message without providing such evidence!


Other Songs Edit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Abyss
  2. Alergia-R (In The Pendiente)
  3. Ausente
  4. Bending Spoons
  5. Born (In The Age Of Narrowed Thoughts)
  6. Bullet In Me
  7. Capítulo 34
  8. Copper
  9. Dilo!
  10. Far
  11. Fear of Loss
  12. Fotomosaicos
  13. Gosh
  14. Health & Wine
  15. I.O.U.
  16. If
  17. Libertine
  18. Lundi 19
  19. Mal Plan
  20. Minimal Approach
  21. Mistakes
  22. Neon Glow
  23. Nothing To Remember
  24. Outline
  25. Over And Beyond
  26. Past Of The Hermit
  27. Peer Pressure
  28. Personalidad Reciclada
  29. RGB Landscapes
  30. Referencias Bipolares
  31. Scrambled Skies
  32. Silence
  33. Skit-So-Freniah
  34. Some Poison
  35. Somos Desconocidos
  36. Sooner Or Later
  37. Stabilimentum
  38. Talking About The Night
  39. Taste Of The Holocaust
  40. The (Breathtaking) Song Of John Doe III
  41. The Evening Away
  42. The Face Of The Unnamed
  43. The Life Thief
  44. The Next Past
  45. There Is Cold
  46. Throwing Us Stones
  47. Universal Complexity
  48. Visions Of The Maw
  49. White Carbon Star
  50. Will We Change?
  51. Working For Nothing
  52. Yesterday's Thoughts (Antialias)

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