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This song is by Mantronix and appears on the album The Album (1985) and on the video game soundtrack Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Volume 5: Wildstyle Pirate Radio (2002).

This song is featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
we're back we're fresh and we're here to stay
so how could you come out and fade away
we're like the ice into water anda still inch shorter shorter
anda how bout are rap it's what I'm bustin'
like the light we're right over easy and white
I'm begging to perform for the ladies in light
well it's the must soul trust never give me a bust
we'll make it or break it like a rime in the bust
through the city so quickly
well I'm the aunt kitty?
too rich in the country make you beg for pity
like the groove man tryin with the real nitty gritty
come make sweet love write off your

because M is for the man man, E is for the en en
N is for the ?ninner? represent south band band
we're the thinker man who making the stand
in this cold hearted world it's hard for man
the space come a hackin' to make it to the second
with different types of people most American and Latin
to hit the tree tops with the sweet street bob
against the old rime side so don't dare stop with that beat
make you wanna freak a c'mon a party people 'cause it's so unique
'cause it's the beat I'm to
prepare the barbecue why you suddenly why you come for love brothers that's true
make e design to please to make the guy say maybe why ?the girls come see? 'cause please a don't you let it cease 'cause of you I'm being true I'll never tease

It's actually correct, we're here to infect
with competition with a mission all the point of my check
I was out complicating as sweet as demonstratin'
copulating for my mind who is also regulating
(there's a lot more lyrics, roughly another 8 lines of this 'verse', plus one more verse!!)

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