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Intuneric VII

This song is by Manticora and appears on the album The Black Circus Part 2 - Disclosure (2007).

I have an urge to destroy this abomination that is.
Oh, I don't even dare write the names... they are simply too foul.

And our acceptance has come sweet.
Your desires will be fulfilled, but you have to follow the right path

How did I become like those around me?
It's like a fog, dulling my mind.

And the chaos will disappear.
We opened your eyes to the truth, but you have to embrace it.

What's important is that
I no longer see the obscenities that are the old ones.
They'll guide me as I shall act as their humble servant for all time...

And so shall it be, as we have foreseen,
Your final transformation is complete. you are one of us now.

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