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Tell It Like It Is

This song is by Mannie Fresh.

It was one late night
What happened was I wis wit my dudes wife
She said he outta town (the nigga gone?)
My dick said pimpin' we be all alone
Then we got real naked
She tried to give it to me unprotected
Stop, wait, hold up aminute lemme put my rubber on then we did it
In and out, out and in
I worked that pussy till a quarter passed ten
She said boy you do the damage, I said yeah get up and fix a pimp a motherfuckin samwich
I fell asleep like fast
A sandwich a bed and a lil bit of ass
I woke up hot y'all ready to burst
And if ya wanna hear the rest check out the second verse

Tell it like it is (7x)

I guess you wanna know what happened next
The same fuckin' thing we started havin' sex
Then I heard the phone ring
She ignored the motherfucker 'cause she gettin' good dingaling
I banged her head against the wall when
The phone keep ringin' (who the fuck is this callin?)
I grabbed the thing and pulled it out the socket
Then put my pullstick back in her center pocket
She said you make me feel so great
And I love ya like a fat kid loves cake
That's 50 line bitch cut it out

And if you really love me trick put the dick in your mouth
She sucked my thang and I'm about to skket
She vegetarian but she love my meat
Now I'm about to die of thirst
Brains like a motherfucka listen to the third verse

Tell it like it is (7x)

Now I'm in the nigga elevator
On my way downstairs lookin' through his refrigerator
Then I yell where ur husband at
She said gone and I dnt know when he comin' back
The nigga ball wit the hornets
And tonight philidelphia they aponents
Then I heard the door open up (WHO THE F**K!)
I thought to myself another happy home broken up
Then I reach for my weapon
Before this nigga go to trippin'
She said wait let me stop him
You better bitch or I'm guna have to pop him
Naked as a motherfucker gun in my hand
Shorty for real you need to talk to your man
The same shit happened to biggie
Happy as a motherfucker 'cause I got my gun wit me

Tell it like it is (7x)

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