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This song is by Manel Navarro.

Your smile is like the sunset in the month of June
When we're together there is nothing out of tune
'Cause I hear your voice and I don't know what to do
I'm not feeling heavy when I'm next to you
'Cause you're the endless fire that shows me the way
When the night is dark you can be my flame, oh oh
'Cause the candle you hold inside, oh oh
Is the most shinning
Oh oh, Is the most shinning
Oh 'cause your love, 'cause your love
'Cause your love, 'cause your looove, oh oh
Is the most, is the most, is the most shinning

Oh love me like you never did before
Hold me in your arms and please give me warm
Come close to me don't be scared at all
I can be your shelter when you need one

I got a ticket to anywhere, maybe we can run away
And get lost in places where, where we could be together
And we're still forever
Where I can feel like I'm in heaven, oh
Oh god and wishing me the way I can be your soldier
When you need a man. Oh don't be scared babe
You're the light that suits me

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