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This song is by Mandroid Echostar and appears on the album Citadels (2013).

Stand to dig the graves of lovers,
To steal the wind from their sails,
Bury the corpse.

Fill this cavern with the screaming of the damned.
The whisper of gods in her eyes,
Conquer the soul.

The fire burned so bright,
But light has left their eyes.

Our children brave a world of woe alone,
They're braving the tempest to still our trembling hands.
Broken bones, consumed by the fire never ending.
For our children trapped in stone,
We will devastate the throne.

Setting the fire,
Burning the garden.
Writhing with death,
Growing so tall.
All hearts have been awakened.
Raise up the dead,
Welcome them home.

All we love, we have thrown to the jaws of a tragic consequence,
Stole their lives just like the animals we have become.
We were so naive, to take the dream behind their eyes
And give them back as cursed memories.
To the wolves, we've cast them in the burial of love and misery.

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