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​Love Is Just a Game

This song is by Mandaryna and appears on the album (2004).

Love is just a game to play
My feelings can't be wrong
Love is just a word you say
I know I can be strong

Love is just a game
I want to play it right with you
No one is to blame
I hope you play it too

Love is just a game
It makes me wanna fly away
The laughter and the pain
You know what to do

In my mind, the memories of games I used to play
Long ago, the feelings that I have they fade away
You will see, my heart is bleeding oh so deep in me

Hold me close, I used to be much stronger
When I'm here with you, I know for sure, I don't need to explain

Come with me, I take you to a place where I belong
Feel my heart, you got the might to keep me safe and strong
On my way, there never was a place I felt to stay
Hold me tight, I used to be much stronger that I'm here with you
I know for sure, don't need to explain