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​Lost in Your Eyes

This song is by Mandaryna and appears on the album (2004).

The reason I would stay by your side
And never wanna miss you in the night
I follow you wherever you go
'Cause I'm lost in your eyes

You make me wanna dream open eyed
And everything you do just feels so right
You gimme all the strength that I need
'Cause I'm lost in your eyes

Sorrows, empty thoughts about tomorrow
Ever since you're here I tell you
All those feelings are gone

Hold me, stay with me the way you told me
I will be with you forever
You will stay in my heart

Constant motion - deep in your eyes

Feelings, all my wounds just started healing
From now on I will be faithful
All my dreams will come true

Tell me one more reason why there should be
Anything around between us
Let me rest in your arms

You say my name
It ain't a shame
I'll always be - lost in your eyes

I'm on your side
It feels so right
I'll always be - lost in your eyes