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I Wanna Fly

This song is by Mandaryna and appears on the album Mandarynkowy Sen.com2me (2005).

Right into the sky
And I know in my illusion
I will never have to let it go

I wanna fly
Straight into your arms
You are there to catch me always
When I tend to lose myself control

Someday I'm a little down
Wrong way, I'm turning inside out
My life is so confusing
And I feel alone

But then I see you in my mind
Just when will I leave it all behind
How long will it take me
To get back to you

Whenever, wherever
We're gonna stay together
Just let me know
That it's gonna be o.k.

I wanna fly...

My heart feels a little weak
Your part sill is so mystique
I try to remember
How this makes me feel

I think I found my place in life
On blink of my own to eyes
And I start to shiver
I give you control


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